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Tara Williams

Tara Williams

Executive Vice President
Interstate National Dealer Services

Tara Williams joined Interstate Dealer Services in 2009 as Vice President and was elected Executive Vice President of Warranty Direct, the direct to consumer division of Interstate National Dealer Services in 2010. As an eCommerce leader, Warranty Direct provides high quality, competitively priced VSCs and select ancillary products to target customer segments including those with “out of factory warranty” vehicles or new vehicle purchasers seeking warranty coverage.

2018 Advisory Board

David Trinder 
CEO, F&I Administration Solutions and Advisory Board Chair

Cindy Allen
CEO, StoneEagle

Lee Bowron
Founder, Kerper and Bowron, LLC

Kristen Gruber
President, Dealers Assurance Company

Lori Hallissey
Chief Operating Officer, Portfolio Reinsurance Services

Randy Henrick
Legal and Compliance Professional

Arden Hetland
President, American Financial and Automotive Services

Dan Jones

Daniel Lievrouw
VP of Operations & I.T., American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc.

Adam Pope
President, Warranty Solutions

Brian Reed
President, F&I Express