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Kelly Price

Kelly Price

National Automotive Experts

In 1996, Kelly founded National Automotive Experts (NAE), NWAN, Inc. and, more recently, Imprise Financial (an Ohio Captive Insurance company).  Kelly and her team consistently strive for innovation.  They are the company in the industry that people turn to when they need something “outside of the box.” They will research, discover, create and design new ways of doing business that help them exceed the needs of the client. This consultative business model has helped guide many of their clients to new levels of success and financial profitability.

Kelly and her organizations are also known for their charitable work within the community.  They are particularly focused on one organization that helps children in the greater Cleveland/Akron area, the Cleveland Christian Home.  In their most recent donor newsletter, Kelly and her husband, along with NAE/NWAN, were listed as the two top donors for CCH (the only two donors listed in the “above $50,000” category).  The CCH is the top mission for both Kelly’s family and the NAE/NWAN family.

2017 Advisory Board

David Trinder 
CEO, F&I Administration Solutions and Advisory Board Chair

Brent Allen
President, StoneEagle Insurance Systems

Jimmy Atkinson 
President/CEO, AUL Corp 

Robert Berger Jr.
Executive Vice President & Director of Operations, Wise F&I

Bob Corbin
President and CEO, IAS

Ron Greer
Vice President of Provider Services, Open Dealer Exchange, LLC

Kristen Gruber
President, Dealers Assurance Company

Lori Hallissey
Chief Operating Officer, Portfolio Reinsurance Services

Arden Hetland
President, American Financial and Automotive Services

Daniel Lievrouw
VP of Operations & I.T., American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc.

Adam Pope
President, Warranty Solutions

Kelly Price

Mitch Rand
President, C&K Auto Parts, WIS Inspections

Tony Wanderon
CEO, National Auto Care