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Cindy Allen

Cindy Allen


Building companies that people LOVE to work at, that people and companies LOVE to do business with, and that make a healthy profit for their owners/investors. Cindy has held various entrepreneurial and career roles, ranging from startup technical design and development with to Fortune 500 C-level leadership at American Express, along with founding several businesses.

Currently Cindy is back home in the Automotive industry and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of StoneEagle, an entrepreneurial endeavor started by her husband and family over 30 years ago, which not only continues to thrive but also spin off additional startups.

Cindy has a passion for starting and scaling up businesses, customer service, building partnerships, and challenging the status quo through innovative thinking and strategic execution.  Cindy’s commitment to building strong industry relationships and casting a vision for innovation in the future drives her as she pursues what’s possible with her husband, Brent and their talented team of partners.

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Dealers Assurance Company

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