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A Message from the Advisory Board Chair

By: David Trinder

I am very pleased to say that the P&A Leadership Summit advisory board has worked tirelessly to put together the most relevant show I can remember for administrators and providers of F&I products. Not only have they focused on the most relevant topics, but they have also helped secure a great list of speakers, all of whom will surely provide opinions and suggestions that will give you much to think about on your journeys’ home.

Our mandate was to build a show that focused on the key areas administrators are concerned with – profitability, efficiency, and how to prepare for the future, all while considering technology, and the changing requirements of agents and dealers. Each board member took one or two topics and helped us put just the right focus on each. The sessions will promote thinking not only on the issues today, but how they will affect the way business will be conducted tomorrow.

We have panel of seasoned leaders in reinsurance lined up to share with you their expertise and insights. They will examine various domiciles and evaluate the benefits, challenges and offerings of each. StoneEagle’s Thomas Elliot will moderate as the panel addresses topics such as the impact of the regulatory environment, IRS scrutiny, current trends, and expectations for the future of reinsurance.

The claims panel will be moderated by George Krnich and will have three claims managers and two service managers. No topic is off limits. Inspections, parts sourcing, technology, communication (call center) challenges and much more will be discussed. With luck, the audience will have their own questions that will get the panel going with some healthy discussion.

Kristin Gruber has worked hard with a panel of top actuaries to put together a session that will address topics such as how to price more accurately with less data, how to keep up with current trends and of course how to manage the profitability of VSCs, GAP and other products.

I do not think there is a more qualified person than Lance LaCoe to provide a sound perspective on expanding internationally. In addition to some great anecdotes that highlight the quirks of international expansion, his presentation will provide some invaluable insights. LaCoe will share first hand knowledge of the critical elements to consider before committing to international markets, how to identify opportunities internationally and then what it will take to successfully execute a business plan.

We have a team from SSAE 16 Professionals who will talk about the expectations on a business when doing an SSAE 16 audit. I expect that not everyone is interested in going through the SSAE 16 audit process, but these gentlemen will offer a unique lens through which attendees can view their own businesses as they examine the controls they currently have in place. You will come away from this session with some excellent food for thought on ways you could improve your business’s day-to-day operating practices, whether or not you intend to complete the SSAE 16 audit.

Craig Tessimond’s keynote speech will discuss the growing trend of private equity. Whether or not you are considering selling to a private equity firm, there is much value in being aware of how an outsider would determine the value of an F&I third party administrator. In addition to discussing valuation methods and considerations, Tessimond will discuss what is involved in the sale process. I think this will be an informative session for everyone.

When it comes to the growing role that the CFPB is taking in our industry, who better could we to have speak on the subject than someone who has been part of, and influenced, the thinking of the CFPB? Rick Hackett understands the CFPB’s mindset and will share the direction and role he sees this bureau taking in the future. Expect to come away from this session with a more solid grounding from which to evaluate the CFPB and how it will affect us going forward.

Steve Braskamp, will keynote for both the Industry Summit and the P&A Leadership Summit. Steve, as director of Capital One will give us the inside perspective on the auto finance segment.

Then there is Tim Meenan. We could not think of a better person to talk about today’s regulatory environment. He is clearly one of the country’s leading experts. He will talk about the regulatory and legislative issues that are coming down the pipeline and give you a broader sense of how these issues are going to affect your business.

The last session will be about the future with particular emphasis on technology. Dan Lievrouw, VP of Operations and IT at American Guardian Warranty, will moderate leading experts on electronic signatures, what the options are, the challenges of rollout, how lenders will view them and what the technological challenges are to making them mainstream. With DMS providers and other system providers on the panel, this is your chance to think about technology in your businesses and how it needs to be managed and developed to support signatures and other necessary developments. This session will get everyone thinking about how to position their business not to be left behind.

The September P&A Leadership Summit offers the once a year opportunity for F&I administrators and professionals to get together, discuss key issues, and network. This is THE annual event for the industry. I look forward to a great turnout, meeting you all again and, like you, coming away with much food for thought.

The P&A Leadership Summit is a joint production between P&A and F&I and Showroom magazines. The show will take place September 8-9, 2014 at Paris Las Vegas. The Full Agenda and information on the Speakers and Presenters is now available. For more information, visit or contact Eric Gesualdo via email hidden; JavaScript is required or at (727)940-5823.

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